The Power of Creating Marketing Materials from One Central Portal

Imagine being able to manage all of your marketing materials for your franchise in one place...

The greatest challenge for any franchisor is growing brand awareness at the top level whilst also supporting existing franchisees with their local area marketing and ensuring that all marketing materials and messages are consistent. It’s a balance that takes a lot of time, effort and communication to get right. Imagine for a second that this was all managed in one place. This article outlines why a single central portal is the ultimate marketing solution. 

Use an online print system to manage your marketing 

Imagine having one central portal that contains your entire marketing collateral.  

Each franchisee can log in to this system securely and choose which marketing materials they need to print, materials that you have previously set the print types, sizes, design, colours, font etc beforehand. You can decide which elements of your Print are customizable so that each franchise can edit certain details to make it specific to their location.  

Think of this online print system as your own private print catalogue that contains your individual materials pre-determined by you.   

Now you can be sure that every piece of marketing material that is used is consistent in look and feel across sites. 

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5 powerful benefits of using an online print system 

1. It saves you time 

Ordering print can be a hassle, especially when you have multiple franchisees, and that’s not even mentioning quick or last-minute changes that may be needed. This manual process involves a lot of back and forth communication and potentially costly mistakes being made that require re-printing. 

With a web to print system, this eliminates the need for communication entirely saving you buckets of time when it comes to ordering, re-ordering or making changes with your print. Being able to create the print that you want centrally, we can help you upload the file or files to your library, and then you have all the power when it comes to placing orders as each franchisee can order or amend themselves easily. 

2. It saves you money 

Remember those costly mistakes when things aren’t right? That is money wasted and even more money being spent on correcting those mistakes, let alone your time wasted. With an online print system, you can make last-minute edits yourself so that every franchise has access to the latest version. This means consistent marketing and money saved! 

Another way this central portal saves you money is by allowing you and all your franchisees to manage everything through an automated process. We set up the system and upload all of your print assets free of charge, the automation then allows you access to discounted products and special deals with a minimum of time invested.

The result? High-quality print at cost-effective prices with little or no admin. 

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3. It keeps your brand consistent 

By uploading print templates to your print system that you have pre-determined the specifications, design and text for, you can be sure that no off-brand changes to your marketing collateral will be made. No more different versions of your brand or different quality of print or material specification; managing it all through one simple system keeps everything in line.

All of your materials will be consistently on brand, on message, professional and of a high-quality, and the best advantage is that your Head Office has the power to determine everything from one central portal!

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4. It builds trust with your consumers 

It can be very difficult to grow a loyal customer base if inconsistencies exist between each franchise, as how can consumers build trust with a brand that differs at each location?  

With an online print system, your Head Office has greater control over how your brand can be used. By simply making sure that your brand is consistent, your consumers can recognise your brand and when this is combined with your quality product or service, trust and loyalty will follow.  

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5. It allows you to remain competitive in the market 

An online print system allows the franchisor to replicate the marketing strategy across all franchisees so growing the brand becomes effortless; differentiating their product in the market, driving product innovation, and rolling out national campaigns has never been so easy.  

A central portal offering a range of customisable collateral pieces where you control which elements can be edited allow your franchise network to create localised advertising materials – but in the safety and protection of your brand. This, together with how seamless product changes and campaigns are using this system, allow you to remain competitive in the market.  

The power of a central portal 

With a single central portal, you have the power to take control of your franchise marketing collateral, but it also gives power to your franchisees, giving them more time and capacity to grow and innovate. By minimising administration time when it comes to your print, you now have the time and money to dedicate to the more valuable jobs and decisions that will grow your business.  

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What we can do for you: 

PrintingFor is a customised online print system that offers franchises or multi-site businesses complete brand protection. Whether it’s helping you set up your own private portal, to create your marketing materials or upload existing collateral such as flyers or brochures, we can help you get started today so that you can streamline your franchise marketing campaigns.

Contact us today to find out how the system works and start printing on demand where materials are delivered straight to your franchisees’s doors.  

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